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Rules regarding your interview attire!

There are certain steps in selecting your interview attire, while freeing up mental energy to conduct the rest of your interview preparation.

Dress one step up from what those in the workplace environment wear. For example, if a company’s leaders and employees typically dress in jeans and T-shirts, your one step up might include a pair of non-denim pants and a tucked-in shirt.

Prioritize feeling comfortable and confident. Even if you’ll be wearing a tie and button-down shirt, make sure your clothes do not restrict movement or irritate your skin so that you can focus on the conversation with a potential employer. You may even choose to wear something you already know feels comfortable, rather than investing in a new set of clothes. Always make sure you have a decent pair of shoes. Polished and well looked after. Ladies, a closed toe is best for an interview.

Make sure every item in your ensemble is clean, free of wrinkles or tears, and properly fitting. These details alone can polish your look!


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